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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

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I Want To Be Here (Ep.401)

Original Air Date: 10.12.18


  • I Want To Be Here (Ep.401)

    Original Air Date: 10.12.18

    Nathaniel Is Irrelevant. (Ep.313)

    Original Air Date: 2.16.18

  • Trent?! (Ep.312)

    Original Air Date: 2.9.18

    Nathaniel and I Are Just Friends! (Ep.311)

    Original Air Date: 2.2.18

  • Oh Nathaniel, It's On! (Ep.310)

    Original Air Date: 1.26.18

EXTRAS (110)

  • I Am Ashamed Trailer (Ep.402)

    Original Air Date: 10.12.18

    No One Else Is Singing My Song (Ep.401)

    Original Air Date: 10.12.18

  • Whats Your Story? (Ep.401)

    Original Air Date: 10.12.18

    Choose Happy Trailer (Ep.401)

    Original Air Date: 10.13.18

  • Nothing is Ever Anyone's Fault (Ep.313)

    The Miracle of Birth (Ep.313)

  • I'm Just a Boy in Love (Ep.313)

    Back in Action (Ep.312)

  • Buttload of Cats (Ep.312)

    Face Your Fears (Ep.311)

  • This Session Is Going To Be Different (Ep.311)

    He's The New Guy (Ep.310)

  • Horny Angry Tango (Ep.310)

    Without Love You Can Save The World (Ep.309)

  • Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too (Ep.309)

    My Sperm Is Healthy (Ep.308)

  • Get Your Ass Out Of My House (Ep.308)

    My Friend's Dad (Ep.307)

  • The First Penis I Saw (Ep.307)

    A Diagnosis (Ep.306)

  • This Is My Movement (Ep.306)

    I Feel Like This Isn't About Me (Ep.305)

  • Heinous Bitch (Ep.305)

    The End of The Movie (Ep.304)

  • Scary Scary Sexy Lady (Ep.304)

    I Go To The Zoo (Ep.303)

  • The Moment Is Me (Ep.303)

    The Buzzing From The Bathroom (Ep.302)

    Original Air Date: 10.20.17

  • Season 3 Theme Song (Ep.302)

    After Everything You Made Me Do (Ep.302)

  • I've Got My Head In The Clouds (Ep.302)

    Strip Away My Conscience (Ep.302)

  • Where's Rebecca Bunch? (Ep.301)

    Let's Generalize About Men (Ep.301)

  • What A Rush To Be A Bride (Ep.213)

    Rebecca's Reprise (Ep.213)

  • Man Nap (Ep.212)

    Tell Me I'm OK (Ep.212)

  • Let's Have Intercourse (Ep.211)

    Best Friend (Ep.211)

  • Devil Winds (Ep.211)

    We'll Never Have Problems Again (Ep.210)

  • Remember That We Suffered (Ep.210)

    West Covina Reprise (Ep.209)

  • Who's The New Guy? (Ep.209)

    I'm So Maternal (Ep.208)

  • Duh (Ep.208)

    Research Me Obsessively (Ep.207)

  • You Go First (Ep.207)

    Stuck in the Bathroom (Ep.206)

  • Trent Is Getting Ready (Ep.206)

    Friendtopia (Ep.206)

  • Triceratops Ballet (Ep.205)

    Thought Bubbles (Ep.205)

  • It Was A S*** Show (Ep.204)

    Makeover (Ep.204)

  • We Tapped That Ass (Ep.204)

    The Math of Love Triangles (Ep.203)

  • Ping Pong Girl (Ep.202)

    Maybe This Dream (Ep.202)

  • Greg's Drinking Song (Ep.202)

    Love Kernels (Ep.201)

  • Season 2 Theme Song (Ep.201)

    We Should Definitely Not Have Sex Right Now (Ep.201)

  • One Indescribable Instant (Ep.118)

    After Everything I Have Done For You (Ep.118)

  • I Gave You a UTI (Ep.117)

    Angry Mad (Ep.117)

  • Oh My God I Think I Like You (Ep.117)

    Heavy Boobs (Ep.116)

  • I Could If I Wanted To (Ep.116)

    Dream Ghosts (Ep.115)

  • Getting Bi (Ep.114)

    I'm The Villain (Ep.114)

  • Flooded with Justice (Ep.113)

    JAP Rap (Ep.113)

  • Group Hang (Ep.112)

    Cold Showers (Ep.112)

  • Where is the Rock? (Ep.111)

    Textmergency (Ep.111)

  • You Stupid Bitch (Ep.111)

    Having a Few People Over (Ep.110)

  • Put Yourself First (Ep.110)

    Women Gotta Stick Together (Ep.109)

  • Where's The Bathroom? (Ep.108)

    California Christmastime (Ep.108)

  • His Status is Preferred (Ep.107)

    What'll It Be (Ep.106)

  • I Give Good Parent (Ep.106)

    I'm a Good Person (Ep.105)

  • I Love My Daughter (Ep.105)

    Sex with a Stranger (Ep.104)

  • Settle For Me (Ep.104)

    Face Your Fears (Ep.103)

  • A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshs (Ep.103)

    I Have Friends (Ep.103)

  • Good at Yoga (Ep.102)

    Feeling Kinda Naughty (Ep.102)

  • Tap Dance Challenge: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Ep.101)

    The Sexy Getting Ready Song (Ep.101)

  • West Covina (Ep.101)

    Soft Pretzels with Donna Lynne Champlin (Ep.101)

  • Soft Pretzels with Rachel Bloom (Ep.101)

    Soft Pretzels with Santino Fontana (Ep.101)

  • Soft Pretzels with Vincent Rodriguez III (Ep.101)

    CWestionator: Battle Round 3 (Ep.101)

  • CWestionator: Battle Round 4 (Ep.101)

    CWestionator: Battle Round 1 (Ep.101)

  • CWestionator: Battle Round 2 (Ep.101)

    Inside Music Video Choreography (Ep.101)