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The Vampire Diaries


First Look Trailer (Ep.101)

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  • I Was Feeling Epic (Ep.816)

    Original Air Date: 3.10.17

    We're Planning a June Wedding (Ep.815)

    Original Air Date: 3.3.17

  • It's Been a Hell of a Ride (Ep.814)

    Original Air Date: 2.24.17

    The Lies Will Catch Up To You (Ep.813)

    Original Air Date: 2.17.17

  • What Are You? (Ep.812)

    Original Air Date: 2.10.17


  • Favorite Scenes with Ian Somerhalder (Ep.801)

    Favorite Scenes with Candice King (Ep.801)

  • Favorite Scenes with Matt Davis (Ep.801)

    Favorite Scenes with Julie Plec (Ep.801)

  • Favorite Scenes with Kat Graham and Zach Roerig (Ep.801)

    Favorite Scenes with Kevin Williamson (Ep.801)

  • Favorite Scenes with Michael Malarkey (Ep.801)


  • Memories with Julie Plec (Ep.801)

    BTS Moments with Candice King and Paul Wesley (Ep.801)

  • BTS Moments with Paul Wesley (Ep.801)

    BTS Moments with Julie Plec (Ep.801)

  • BTS Moments with Matt Davis (Ep.801)

    BTS Moments with Kevin Williamson (Ep.801)

  • BTS Moments with Michael Malarkey (Ep.801)


  • Cast: TVD Family (Ep.801)

    Cast: Mementos (Ep.801)

  • Favorite Scenes with Paul Wesley (Ep.801)

    Inside TVD: I Was Feeling Epic (Ep.816)

  • Inside TVD: We're Planning a June Wedding (Ep.815)

    Inside TVD: It’s Been a Hell of a Ride (Ep.814)

  • Inside TVD: The Lies Will Catch Up To You (Ep.813)

    Inside TVD: Who Are You? (Ep.812)

  • Inside TVD: You Made a Choice to Be Good (Ep.811)

    Inside TVD: Nostalgia's a Bitch (Ep.810)

  • Inside TVD: The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch (Ep.809)

    Inside TVD: We Have History Together (Ep.808)

  • Inside TVD: The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You (Ep.807)

    Inside TVD: Detoured on Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell (Ep.806)

  • Inside TVD: Coming Home Was A Mistake (Ep.805)

    Inside TVD: An Eternity of Misery (Ep.804)

  • Inside TVD: You Decided That I Was Worth Saving (Ep.803)

    Inside TVD: Today Will Be Different (Ep.802)

  • Inside TVD: Hello, Brother (Ep.801)

    BTS Photo Shoot Music Video

  • Ian Somerhalder Interview (Ep.801)

    Siren Mystery Interview (Ep.801)

  • Paul Wesley Interview (Ep.801)

    Candice King Interview (Ep.801)

  • Kat Graham Interview (Ep.801)

    Matt Davis Interview (Ep.801)

  • Michael Malarkey Interview (Ep.801)

    Zach Roerig Interview (Ep.801)


  • First Look Trailer (Ep.101)

    First Look Trailer (Ep.101)

  • The Shakedown (Ep.412)

    Original Air Date: 5.12.17